Message from the Chairman

       People-oriented, establishing credibility is the fundamental enterprise development. Enterprises will be the most broad-minded, talented people stir the whole world, and to provide a broad space for development。
      Decades of ups and downs, we uphold the "pragmatic, innovative, win-win business philosophy to the camp, with some development now has" Yiwu Wei Ling Khimbyt "," Zhejiang Meilin new energy technology co., LTD"," and other business entities.


Zhejiang Meilin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to vehicle maintenance beauty products industry, in the "automobile market" fields with cutting-edge scientific research, global R & D it is safe, efficient, environmentally friendly, the new car care beauty products leader.

China is committed to creating a successful example of vehicle maintenance beauty services industry operations; become the new beauty car care products, new technology leader, to lead the development of the industry, regulate the industry services.

Meilin company is the development, production, marketing, service as one of the enterprises. Meilin company benefited from the guidance and supervision of SINOPEC RIPP to ensure the industry's leading edge technology.

Distingctiveness project driven routine services, real-time updates of advancing technology, products with strong hardware support, a standardized and unified storefront operation and management mechanism, as well as the practical operation of practical technical training support.

Creating products, services, training, integration of operating profit model to help dealers to join the operation of the market-oriented policies, resolve difficulties and problems encountered in the process of market operators, distributors and led a growing business, establish a good brand image and corporate image.

Zhejiang Meilin New Energy Technology Co., perfect service system, in time for customers with pre-sale, sale, service, allowing customers to pour ripple consumer products without worry

        Zhejiang meilin new energy technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of new energy. Enterprise is committed to a variety of military industry, chemical industry, spaceflight, navigation, heavy industry, automobile industry sectors such as physics, chemistry, nano cutting-edge high-tech products in the field of inquiry, in the field of "after" car market with cutting-edge scientific research, is the world's research and development of safety, high efficiency, environmental protection, the leader of the new type of car maintenance beauty series of products.



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